Pantoja, Mark

Houses (Guest narrator: Patrick Scott)

When Patrick Scott has been known to bail me out of a slump in the past, he’s done so with his passel of Old Reliables: Raymond Carver. Flannery O’Connor. Russell Banks. The indisputably great, in other words. So when this time, he sent this recording of a piece by a speculative fiction writer I’d never heard of, my thoughts closed the loop to a circuit with “well, this ought to be interesting” on one end, and “Patrick’s lost his mind in the clamour of dancing seductively while dressed from the waist-up as sheep.” Patrick, you see, is to be trusted.

And so I pressed an ear to the computer to discover a piece of fiction that might have been conceived when had a few bourbons and squeezed the thigh of . That piece then grew up to have its own personality, of course, and is imbued with an innate charm that wells up through its apocalyptic bleakness in a way that shouldn’t even be possible.

全天飞艇全天计划Hope you like it, and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with my own set of pipes in just a couple of weeks. This should give you plenty of time to check out some of , as well as Patrick Scott’s additional seductions on .